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Top 5 Blogging FAQs – and My Take on the Answers


Blogging has been around for years, yet some of the most basic questions regarding this communication method are still being asked. In fact, it has been around so long that some people are even asking the question “Is blogging dead?” My answer to that provocative question is of course no,...


A Blogger’s Day is Never Done


I am a blogger. For the longest time, I resisted putting a label on my passion for writing. I have a brother who is a sports journalist, and my mom can officially be referred to as a poet with the recent publishing of her first book of poems (Congrats!). I...


How I got Published on The Huffington Post

ready to get published_original

Before being published on The Huffington Post, I told myself I would not write an article about how I got published if the well-known online blog and news aggregator did eventually use some of my work. There are numerous well-written articles out there, describing how various authors got published on...


The ABC…Ds of Blogging

ABCDs of Blogging

Blogging is hard work. I can say for myself that I certainly underestimated the amount of time and effort that is required for maintaining a professional blog. When I had the bright idea of starting a supply chain blog two years ago, I did not know what I was getting...


Welcome to The Social Web Weaver


I have been looking for a hobby for quite some time now. My first couple years in Germany, I tried a membership at the gym. It was fun for a while, but as soon as I started my job in 2011, I was forced to head to the gym at...