Face-2-Face Networking is King


I have had a lot of fun building up my social media presence over the last year or so. Spending time, for example in LinkedIN groups, conversing about the latest trends and best practice strategies in the social media and supply chain industries, has proven to be quite fruitful. I...


The ABC…Ds of Blogging

ABCDs of Blogging

Blogging is hard work. I can say for myself that I certainly underestimated the amount of time and effort that is required for maintaining a professional blog. When I had the bright idea of starting a supply chain blog two years ago, I did not know what I was getting...


A 3-Step Approach to Twitter Success


I still consider myself a newbie on Twitter. I created my @Weaver_davidw account in May of 2013, but didn’t really start using the platform until about the beginning of 2014, at which point I initiated what I refer to as my tweet and run strategy. I was using the platform...


3 Tips for Current & Future Expats


In the summer of 2009, under the hot Arizona sun, I decided together with my wife Julia, to move to Germany. Julia was born and raised in Germany, and I really wanted to get to know her culture and language. Aside from that, tuition fees are basically non-existent in Germany,...