Social Media Advice from 5 of Twitter’s Best

social media advice

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I really started taking Twitter seriously back in June of 2014. Part of my network building strategy included observing how recognized Twitter experts were using the platform. At the most basic level, I was watching how tweets were being formulated: how many...


Building an Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing

Building an online marketing strategy is like building a house. I have never built a house before, but I have built an online marketing strategy, and I like using analogies. Aside from that, I have seen enough episodes of the German version of Extreme Home Makeover to have an understanding...


#standwithme – A Documentary


I recently wrote an article on the topic of supply chain transparency. I am often amazed at the journey that some of the simplest of products make, before landing in my household. Being able to trace the various elements of a product back to their origin is no easy task,...


Bottled Mineral Water – A Marketing Coup?

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There is a long history behind the plethora of brands of bottled mineral water available in supermarkets today. Some claim the history of bottled water dates back 12,000 years to when early mankind transported water from natural springs in animal skins to their living areas. A look at more recent...


Social Media Lessons From My 99-Year-Old Great Grandma


My great grandma, who we call Nonie (Italian for Grandma), turned 99 this year. She has served as the matriarch over the tight-knit Italian side of my family for decades, passing on bits of wisdom over the years. Nonie does not have a Twitter or a Facebook account, nor is...