About This Blog

logo_sww_4Welcome to The Social Web Weaver!

I have been looking for a hobby for quite some time now. My first couple years in Germany, I tried a membership at the gym. It was fun for a while, but as soon as I started my job in 2011, I was forced to head to the gym at 5 or 6 PM, when every other member was also trying to work out. Due to the overcrowded situation, I decided to cancel my membership and look for a new hobby…

I bought an aquarium. I thought it would be perfect to come home from a long, stressful day of work and just relax and watch the fish swim peacefully in the aquarium. It didn’t take long for the algae to build-up to a point where I could not see much at all, despite weekly cleanings. Aside from that, my fish were intent on attacking each other, so instead of peace and quiet, it was pure chaos.

In 2012, I created the Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization Blog together with my colleagues. Writing and editing the articles for this blog is the absolute highlight of my job. I enjoy online marketing in general, but blogging tops it all. So now I have decided to turn my work into my hobby, in the form of a blog that is independent of the professional blogging I am doing.

The Social Web Weaver will deliver a vast array of articles that, in the end, weave several topics of interest together into what I refer to as my social web. These topics will include:

– Online Marketing / Marketing Strategy

– Social Media >> best practice and tips

– Blogging (Yes, a blog about blogging)

– My Expat experience in Germany

– Behavioral Economics / Pay What You Want Pricing

If you have something to say about these topics and enjoy creating fun and informative content, feel free to contact me about contributing an article!